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9 Sep 2007 23:41


I took some pictures of our house when we got home today, and here they are. The pool and deck are gone. The atrium is full of boxes, and the rest of the house is getting there. Here ya go.

9 May 2007 19:31


We also have a project in progress in our kitchen. The plumber (who was in the house for a different issue) figured out why the old Moen kitchen faucet was leaking and suggested it would be easier just to get a new one (and have him install it of course). So we bought a new one, and then discovered that it was too tall. So we removed the undercabinet lighting to make room, but then I realized that it would be ever better to remove the whole cabinet. After seeing how easy it was to remove one cabinet I briefly considered taking them all down, however the thrill of demolition quickly wore off and I was able to put the hammer down with further cabinet loss. Now we've painted the previous unfinished particle board red and ordered a new clock to fill the space.

9 May 2007 19:31

New House!

It's old news now, but we finally bought a new house. Well, ok, at 49 years old it's not exactly new, but at least it's modern, mostly.

One thing it is decided not new or modern is the 37 year old pool. I've wanted to remove it from the beginning, but initially we decided to work on other things first. However, I've noticed that it now appears to be leaking, so I've been getting bids to have it filled in. Hopefully someone can figure out how to get a bobcat into the backyard to make it easer (ie cheaper), we'll see.

3 Apr 2007 16:14

Joshua's Third Birthday

We spent a weekend early last month at Kidd and Deneb's new house down south, and we were in town for Joshua's third birthday. Here are some pictures of Joshua's Pirate theme party. During the party, all the gifts were hidden around the picnic area (in the apartment building where they live), and once everything was ready, the "treasure hunt" began.

6 Nov 2006 01:13

GG's 95th

That's Great Grandma's 95th, of course. We had a piñata and even some dancing.

Technical note: I'm using new software (Aperture) to manage my photos, and the new galleries will look a bit different. I'm still learning how to customize the output, which is, unfortunately, rather difficult

6 Nov 2006 01:13


This is quite belated, but here are pictures from last Thanksgiving. This was the last we spent with Great Granddad. It was as tough visit, but I'm glad he was able to see Maya one more time, and we'll have lots of pictures for Maya when she gets older. She still recognizes him when she sees the pictures, but I suspect as she gets older her only memory of him will be the pictures.

20 Feb 2006 02:27

a long pause

I posted the last note here at at about the same time terrorists in London bombed the subway and a bus. Since I was in the UK at the time (about an hour from London by train), the attack affected me much more personally than most Americans. I think the realization of how trivial this page has prevented me from writing anything for such a long time. Of course, the fact I've started writing again doesn't mean I've got anything particularly more meaningful to say.

20 Feb 2006 02:22

mirror world

I made it to Cambridge, UK, and, despite a persistent jet lag fog, I'm having a great time. Up early again this morning, and found the only thing open at this unholy hour (7 30AM) is Starbucks. Both muffin and coffee are much better than I'm used to at Starbucks, which is a surprise because usually Starbucks is much more consistent.

I can't get my T-mobile account to work here, but perhaps I'm not remembering the right password.

I met an Aunt here last night that I'd never met before, and had a great time. It was a strange feeling meeting a family member here, and not even a distant one. It makes the world feel much smaller, and England that much more comfortable.

7 Jul 2005 07:41

know the boss

Blogging adds an interesting new dimension to the workplace. Previously, it might have taken years to get to know your boss. Now, all you need to do is read his blog. For instance, the CTO at XenSource, Moshe Bar, covers many things on his site--from his diverse interests to occasional tidbits about the company we both work for. It's clear from reading his entries that he applies to same intensity he has at work to all aspects of his life, and it's also clear we have several overlapping interests. It should be fun traveling to Cambridge with him next week.

3 Jul 2005 10:20


The other day Gigi asked me if I wanted to go with her to the gym, and I instinctively asked if they had wireless internet access there. This is a sure sign I need to get out more.

1 Jul 2005 11:11

new dress

It's my birthday, but somehow Maya got some presents, too. Someone bought her new dresses, and her first petticoat. Here are pictures of the petticoat with the blue dress. Not quite my idea, but Maya seems to like and Gigi thinks it's cute.

Since today is my birthday, I have to say that my birthdays no longer make me feel old. Maya's birthdays do that now. Just another example of how a parent's life is measured by the child's.

Gigi (and Maya) did give me some new dress shirts from my favorite store. Thanks, G!

(BTW, these pictures were taken less than an hour ago, and they are already online. This is must be a new record for me, at least for the last year.)

12 Jun 2005 19:46

dream train

I don't often remember my dreams, but I'm starting to notice and remember a recurring theme or structure in my dreams. My dreams (apparently) often involve some kind of travel, and what I'm noticing is the method of travel is more and more the same.

It's a flying train spaceship. Since I love to fly and I love to ride the rails (in real trains, not BART), this seems like an ideal mode of transportation. Lots of room and very fast. The spaceship aspect is more about where it's going that what it looks like. It's usually traveling through a weird space, and it tends to be dark and mysteriously foreboding.

What I really don't understand, though, is where I'm going on this rocket train. It seems to cover vast distances, but not much is recognizable. I'm always traveling in a group, but I don't know anyone. When I wake up, I don't remember the destination, only the journey. Perhaps this is supposed to remind me that the destination is not really what's important---it's how you get there that matters.

8 Jun 2005 09:01

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